Garrett Sydney Jamboree

Unfortunately the rain stopped this years Garrett Sydney Jamboree early, but the boys still got a few solid passes down.

900hp rotary street RX-3

One of Melbourne’s coolest street rotary Mazda’s, Ross’ Promaz built RX-3 sedan is a real crowd favourite. Already an 8-second car, we were keen to step things up. A complete engine bay overhaul was carried out which now sees a Promaz Racing 13B Cosmo engine featuring Billetpro plates, stud kit and engine plate. A larger Garrett GTX47 turbocharger is fitted … Read More

Grudge Kings

fullBOOST came along with us as we headed to Grudge Kings Sydney with our 13B turbo Mazda RX-8 in the Pro Modified class.

PRORX-8 rotary by Promaz

An evolution over the last couple of years, our Promaz Racing Mazda RX-8 recently ran a personal best pass at the Brisbane Jamboree of 7.41 @ 188mph. Our RX-8 is powered by a Promaz 13B Cosmo bridge port race engine that features BilletPro front and rear billet end plates for added strength and durability. A unique feature of these plates … Read More

800+hp street RX-3 hub dyno

Promaz Automotive has just taken delivery of a brand new state of the art Dynotech hub dyno and what better way to test it out with an 8-second street driven rotary. Hub dyno’s are effectively safer to work around and are also more accurate than a conventional roller dyno. 1972 Mazda RX-3 street car Promaz 13B Bridge port rotary engine … Read More

Mazda 1200 13B bridgeport rotary

John’s Mazda 1200 coupe is a thoroughly well restored old school street rotary. The car sees a lift in performance thanks to a Promaz Automotive 13B bridge-port engine package backed by an RX-7 series-4 gearbox making over 200hp to the back wheels. 1970 Mazda 1200 coupe 13B 4-port rotary BP engine by Promaz Weber Performance Carburettor

Mazda RX-8 turbo ~ Rotary 13B-RE

A few weeks ago we showed you a wild 20B powered Mazda RX-8 street car built by Promaz Automotive. Well here’s another late model Mazda using and older style rotary engine this time in the way of a 13B twin rotor Cosmo engine. The RE engine as found in the JC Cosmo is similar to that of the Series 6 … Read More

How to build a tuner car ~ 20B rotary RX8 by Promaz

Although a very well balanced car, the Mazda RX8 always lacked a little go in the horsepower department compared to the older RX-7 it replaced. Peter’s 2009 GT spec street RX8 is a great example of tuner build done well. Rather than persist with the factory 13B 2-rotor Renesis engine the Promaz team has installed a 20B 3-rotor engine using … Read More

Mazda MX5 turbo dyno

After initially building a higher compression naturally aspirated Mazda BP 1.8L engine, Steve’s MX-5 / Miata street car has since been boosted in the way of a Garrett T28 turbo making for a solid power to weight ratio.