Charles tears up the track!

Charles’ crazy 20B RX-7 is featured in a video from fullBOOST of the cruising sessions from Performance Car Mania held at Winton Raceway.

Sound of the 20B Rotary Engine

Charles’ Mazda RX-7 is one wild rotary. Power comes from a Promaz bridge ported 20B triple rotor engine and boosted by a Garrett GTX42R turbo running on methanol fuel and backed by a Jerico 5-speed gearbox.¬†At Easter Car Mania Charles sure gave the Mazda a solid workout. Mazda RX-7 FD Promaz 20B rotary engine – Bridge-ported & dowelled Garrett GTX42R … Read More

Rotary 20B turbo RX7 – Dyno & track

Built as an all-round event’s car, Charles’ Mazda RX-7 has undergone serious chassis and engine changes including a Promaz Automotive bridge-port 20B rotary engine. Boost comes from a Garrett turbocharger while the engine runs on methanol fuel controlled by a MicroTech LT16 computer and LTC dash logger. Backed by a Jerico 5-speed dogbox, the clutch was suffering on the dyno … Read More

Mazda RX8 turbo ~ burnout, drag & dyno

Sam isn’t afraid of giving his Mazda RX-8 a solid workout. The street car is powered by an older yet less restrictive RX-7 FD bridge-port 13B rotary engine and boosted by a Turbonetics turbocharger and MicroTech EFI system on regular pump unleaded petrol.