JAP-808 into the tens

Marcos’ Mazda at Calder Park, the wagon had run a best quarter mile time of 11.1 thanks to a turbocharged 13B rotary import engine.

Since then Marcos has upgraded the 13B to a later model and more durable S6 spec engine rebuilt by Promaz. Still using the same Garrett turbo and on pump unleaded, a slight boost increase has seen the extend port engine generate 400hp to the wheels.

1976 Mazda 808 street wagon | JAP-808

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Engine: Mazda 13B S6 extend port by Promaz
Turbo: Garrett GTX3576 @ 14psi
Exhaust: turbo back, 3″ side pipe
EFI: MicroTech LT10s, 98-ron unleaded
Gearbox: RX-7 S4
Diff, Toyota Hilux LSD, billet axles
Suspension: Leaf springs, Caltracs
Tyre: MT 225/50/15 street radials
Power: 300kw / 400hp @ wheels
Best ET: 10.65 @ 127mph
Tuned by: Promaz Automotive