13B turbo Datsun street Ute

Matty Lud’s street driven Datsun 1200 competing at the Australian Nationals at Calder Park. The Datsun is powered by a Promaz 13B bridge port rotary engine and garrett turbocharger with power shifting through a modified Mazda gearbox. The Ute had run a best of nine forty so Matt was looking to improve on that.

1978 Datsun 1200 Ute

13B bridge-port rotary engine by PROMAZ
Garrett GTX42R turbocharger
MicroTech LT16C, MSD 2-step
PROMAZ PWR cooling system
E85 fuel system, Methanol injection
Direct Clutch Services twin plate clutch
Mazda RX-7 S5 gearbox with Albins gearset
Custom 9in diff, 4-link suspension
28x9in slicks
Power: 550kW / 737hp | PROMAZ hub dyno
Australian Nationals – Calder Park, VIC Australia – Jan 2017


For further info on Matty’s ute, head over to SpeedNation, a great feature!